Alcohol licence mock exam

We often get asked if there is an alcohol licence mock exam that gives an idea of what the APLH exam will be like.

In response, we’ve produced an APLH mock exam based on the topics covered in the training course. Click on the picture link (right) to start the APLH mock exam.

An alcohol licence mock exam will give a flavour of the APLH course and course exam, but will not replicate the actual exam format or questions! With frequent changes made to licensing law in the UK (and exam board questions), it is always advisable to attend a training course or use specialist, up-to-date training material.

About the APLH qualification:

The Award for Personal Licence Holders is the mandatory qualification for personal licence applicants in England and Wales. The APLH course is fully up-to-date with the Licensing Act 2003, brought in to replace the old National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders. As a specialist training company, we offer APLH courses throughout the United Kingdom.
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Visit the PLT homepage for more information.

APLH course content:

Licensing Act 2003

Licensing authorities

The personal licence

The premises licence

Designated Premises Supervisor

Temporary Event Notices

Licensing objectives

Alcohol and Health


Unauthorised licensable activities

Age restricted products

About the real alcohol licence exam:

The APLH exam is a 40 minute invigilated exam with 40 multiple choice questions. Unlike our alcohol licence mock exam, there will be no ‘true or false’ questions or accompanying photographs. The Licensing Act 2003 is the legislative base of the exam. An alcohol licence mock exam will not replicate questions from an APLH examination.

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